I love food more than I should. In 2016, I decided that it was time to stop fucking around with it. I am a fat man, and my goal is to be a buff non-fat man.

Originally, I started this journey in 2010 and over the course of two years lost over a hundred pounds while getting more fit. This made life way better, but I wasn't done. Then I got super depressed, and I gained fifty back over four years.


The first goal is to lose as much weight as I can as fast as I can. The second goal is to redefine my relationship with food. This is the really hard part because this has to extend past 2016 until I'm ready to die. I think there are three diets I need to decide on.

Diet 1: Extreme weight loss

I think this is what I am doing now which is basically meat + brocolli

Diet 2: Maintainence + health

This diet is entirely about maintaining health, not being hungry, and enjoying life a touch more than diet 1. I am not here yet.

Diet 3: The Cheat Day

I need to develop a rigorous and refined list of bad foods that I can eat at a semi-rare occurence. I think I need to combine the cheat day with social events. Ideally, I'll need lots of control over the menu because the foods I want to eat must be “worth dying for”. So far the list of food worth dying for:

  • Mora's Peanut Butter Moreo Ice cream
  • Jake's Pickup: Mac and Cheese
  • Jake's Pickup: Button role + protein (burger, pulled pork, or eggs)… it's just soo good
  • Via Rosa 11: Any Pasta + Any Sauce
  • Jake's Pickup: Pumpkin Pie made by Jake's Mom

2016 Progress


Didn't eat much 'explicit' sugar beyond what was in the house after December (i.e. no Cookies or ice cream). Weight didn't change.


Worked with Ubbe, lost ~25 pounds on a a new diet and exercise.


Set back progress by a week with a cheat day, and then lost an additional X pounds.


Keep in mind, I write this, and I ship immediately. There may be problems. Thoughts may be incomplete. I write something to share, but it may be sorely lacking. If you think something I say has potential, and has problems. Feel free to contact me. I am a friendly person, and I love feedback. Especially critical feedback that is actionable.



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