The other day I was looking at my yard. My yard is growing out of control. There are weeds sprinkled over the yard in various random places. The grass is gaining traction towards the heavens. I just stood there and thought.

Why am I compelled to assert my control over the land? Why should it be made pretty? Why wasn't this, the natural state, pretty enough? Why is it hard to accept that the chaos of nature is the right way. Whenever I take a hike, and I see the way of the forest, I always take note of how beautiful it is. I feel lucky to see what I see on my commute when I ride my bike down the highway and see the rawness of the salmon stream with various levels of moss and just everything natural caught in an epic battle of survival, competition, and balance.

Nature is beatiful, so why do I try to assert unnatural dominion over it.

My wife told me that “it is what we do.”

And I was enlightened.


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