When I think about people, I think everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing this, you have two choices. You can grow your strengths or grow your weakness. My opinion is that you should grow your strengths with the explicit goal of becoming a heroic champion of that strength.

Heroic Level

My earlier statements should conjure up the difference between generalists and specialists. In essence, do you want to be a master of one thing or a jack of all trades? What I want to point is that is heroism applies to both. I propose that one should focus on core attributes. For instance, suppose you are good a math. If you focus your energy in just math, then you will become a specialist in math. If, instead, you focus your strengths on reasoning, then your core intellect will go up. If you are good at writing fiction, then you should focus first on communicating.

If you bring up your core attributes, then you can wield them to prop up your core specialty or your general skills. The attributes that I consider to be core are:

  • creativity, making things up
  • reasoning, thinking soundly
  • communication, speaking thoughts, writing down thoughts
  • emotional understanding of others
  • judgment, weighing risk versus reward

These are fairly broad, but they are common to leadership and high levels of functioning.


I hold the view that one should spend a life to become a master of at least one thing (otherwise, what is the point?). Combine this mastery with core attributes, and it makes one full of win.

Management of Weakness

The folly of ego is that a strength in one area will fool you into thinking you are a master of the universe. Instead, you accept your weaknesses. Realize that your weaknesses are not inherit, but a lack of focus and energy. I remember a colleague of mine once told me that “you come in to work and decide how you are going to fail”. In this moment, I was enlightened. There are many things to do, and so little time. Your weaknesses could be brought up to market quo, but only at the expense of other things and opportunity cost.

If you focus your energies on your core attributes along with a few specialties, then you can utilize your core attributes to help rally troops to cover your weaknesses. For instance, I currently suck at UI design since I've spent maybe two hours in my entire life thinking about it. But, I've learned what I like and who I can hire to bring my ideas into a nice state.

End Goal

The end goal of reaching this level is to have life confidence. Life confidence is when you are no longer afraid of the market, labor conditions, or anything. You know that no matter what life throws at you, you can handle it. A hero realizes that all problems of life can be solved somehow.