Lately in life, I have come to fully understand what it means to be gifted, born with privilege, fully execute on that privilege, and experience a more than fair share of luck. I'm successful and relatively happy, and I find myself wondering “what is next?“.

I see two paths ahead of me. The first path is the path of “greedy white guy”. This path requires me pushing my success to the next step, and really just accumulate assets. The second path is “pillar of the community”.

The way I have stated the paths along with the title indicates I am leaning towards being a “pillar of the community”.

The next question and focus of my soul searching for 2016 is “what does that mean?“.

2017 Update

This is harder then I expected, but one thing that I have found is to be charitable with the local zoo. I believe in the zoo, and I have committed myself to learning more about animal conservation. At my local zoo, I have found a community of similar minded people that donate to the zoo. Before I am 40, I intend to donate $100,000 to the zoo.

2019 Update

This is really hard, but I've made good progress on my zoo goal.