Gambit of Technology.

First, it should be clear from my other writings that I am a technologist. I believe that technology is super neat-o, and I consider myself one of the people that push technology forward. That being said, I also have concerns about how we apply technology to our daily lives. My concerns and doubts started when I had a particularly bad case of plantar fasciitis while I was living in Kansas City. Fortunately, I have a friend that read a book called “Born to Run”. I read the book, and I concluded the book is fantastic. It opened my eyes to new modes of thought.

I realized that technology is fantastic in a very limited and narrow scope. We can only optimize the variables that we know about. In the case of shoes, we can optimize our feet to our fancy with fashion. We can optimize our shoes for standing comfort. We can optimize our shoes for effectiveness at bicycling. We are bad at optimizing our shoes for full function because we don't fully understand the long term effects.

This opened my eyes to the possibility that we could be wrong about many other things.


Keep in mind, I write this, and I ship immediately. There may be problems. Thoughts may be incomplete. I write something to share, but it may be sorely lacking. If you think something I say has potential, and has problems. Feel free to contact me. I am a friendly person, and I love feedback. Especially critical feedback that is actionable.



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