Wood Projects 2014.


Well, 2014 finished, and I got some things done.

The setup

As many of you know, I'm now a home owner. With my home, I have a garage that I'm turning into my manly man cave of building builderdom. You can see images of the initial transformation here:

  • Step I: Getting the Walls Ready - I wanted to paint the pale yellow-ish walls with white. The reasoning is two fold: (a) it looks better, (b) glossy white reflects more light and more light makes for better safety.
  • Step II: Get Wood
  • Step III: Build First Mega Workbench. The design and the results of the first build
  • Step IV: Build Another Workbench.
  • Step V: Hook up Workbenchs with suction for dust and to make cleaning easier Failed

Once the above steps are completed, the chaotic garage can start to get some order. Once the garage is operational, I'll start on my projects:


  • Mega Workbench Mark I
  • Mega Workbench Mark II
  • Mega Desk Mark I
  • A Rack to hang brooms on
  • Mega Railing

Projects Punted to 2015

See Wood Projects 2015

  • dining room table (probably eight feet by 4 feet? or so; the goal is be able to have a dinner with 3-4 couples)
  • seven chairs (all different, all distinct, with different colors shades)
  • a throne (For the dining room table)
  • a toy box (about 2' by 1' by 1.5')
  • A Stick of Power (there is a tree in the backyard that is dead, I'll cut it down, carve it, absorb it's ancient power)
  • four outdoor cedar chairs for lounging
  • an outdoor table enough to seat six
  • three outdoor benches to sit around the fire pit
  • an outdoor BBQ table with polished concrete top.
  • an outdoor shed for Charcoal
  • an outdoor shed for drying wood


Keep in mind, I write this, and I ship immediately. There may be problems. Thoughts may be incomplete. I write something to share, but it may be sorely lacking. If you think something I say has potential, and has problems. Feel free to contact me. I am a friendly person, and I love feedback. Especially critical feedback that is actionable.



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