Wood Projects 2015.

Infrastructure Projects

  • Set up pipes for sucking dust
  • Set up more outlets
  • More lighting


  • dining room table (probably eight feet by 4 feet? or so; the goal is be able to have a dinner with 3-4 couples)
  • the mega cart

In Progress

  • an outdoor shed for drying wood

Thing Projects

  • a toy box (about 2' by 1' by 1.5')
  • A Stick of Power (there is a tree in the backyard that is dead, I'll cut it down, carve it, absorb it's ancient power)
  • four outdoor cedar chairs for lounging
  • an outdoor table enough to seat six
  • three outdoor benches to sit around the fire pit
  • an outdoor BBQ table with polished concrete top.
  • an outdoor shed for Charcoal


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