This is a guide for working with me. There is a good chance that if you are reading this, then you work with me because no one reads my site beyond those that I direct here.

I have been given the feedback that I blow minds, and I get questions about the how. The common thread that unites most people that I mentor is “How do I thrive in this field?”

There are easy, short, and curt answers to this question which are zero information. Those answers tend to only beg more questions, so part of the reason I write is to take the ideas and thinking in my head and convert them into something consumable. I recommend this practice to everyone. This site is a cache to answer some of my thinking on this question since I started mentoring people at Amazon.

We live in a sound bite world, and that is not satisfying to me. This common question of how to thrive could be answered with an easy curt answer like “Be Smart!” Well, how does one be smart? Is it book smarts? Street smarts? This is a very hard question, and we tend to bias our thinking towards academics or education on this subject. I think how we do education is wrong, and I think IQ tests are wrong especially as I was once tested at sub-average IQ and had a specialized education plan in high school in the learning center. My current answer to how to be smart is this:

Being smart is the application of creativity, developing feedback cycles, and working hard.

This is still short, but it begs more questions.

  • How does one develop creativity?
  • How does one develop feedback cycles?
  • What exactly is working hard?

Is being smart the only aspect of thriving in this field? No, you could also answer “Be Disciplined!”. Which then leads to more questions. So, let me illustrate the short and curt answers that I want to dig into with my writings.

  • be smart
  • be creative
  • be open minded
  • be creative
  • be disciplined
  • be humble
  • be bold

This is a lot of things to address and think about. Let's talk about areas that interest you, and please explore my writings.