At the birth of the internet, I was making static site generators. My first one was using QBasic to produce the website for my high school. I would refine and develop my understanding of this problem over a multitude of different versions until I got into server side scripting. I would explore various methodologies for displaying content, and I invented many numerous content management systems for various different use cases. Having been around the block, I've decided that static sites are the best way to go for 99% of the content on the web.

This is my latest, and hopefully last, content management system combined with static site generation. I currently use it to generate this site.

One day, I will perhaps document it. However, content management is more of a bike sheding problem as there are many ways and opinions on how to do it. So, I'd rather not try to push nor sell this to the world since it is battle not worth fighting.

See https://github.com/jeffrey-io/wake for more information.

Code Projects

  • Melody
  • Wake
  • World Bootstrap