Who I am

Hello, my name is Jeffrey Barber, and I welcome you to my personal web page. I struggle with who I am since it seems like a significant portion of life is self-discovery, but I have a few hints. One hint is in my choice of profession. As such, I am a professional software engineering leader.

You can read my story for more details.

What I do

I write a ludicrous amount of code and build software, and a reasonable percentage of that code ships. Professionally, I lead the real-time infrastructure team at Facebook as a disruptive inventor and dark lord. I focus on irreducible complexities that make people think.

When I am at home, I tinker; currently, I am trying to build a new web under the code name "Lamancha".

You can follow my progress on Lamancha.

How I help

Beyond a few dark forces of the human spirit (like empire building), I align with the teaching and mentoring aspects of being a leader. A critical element of being a successful leader is teaching people how to play the game. In this, I intend to capture much of my playbook in an online book called the "Way of Code", but writing is hard and slow. My hope is to share hard won lessons and techniques which I use or mentor others on.

Feel free to read my ad-hoc writings.

Or! feel free to contact me, and maybe I can help.