I wake up, ride my bike for seven miles, then get to the business of building things.

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After work, I ride my bike another seven miles, get home and enjoy the evening with the wife or my tools.

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It's either a long weeknight, or I climb a mountain or take a hike; maybe, I'll go on a bike ride.

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daily business is good

My daily business is writing code.

my nightly adventure

My day job and fifteen mile bike commute leaves me mostly mentally incapacitated and physically exhausted, so I try to take it easy and relax with my wife in the typical evening. However, I tend to fail at taking things easy, and I eventually end up either working: with wood, on electronics, at my writings, various personal side projects, mentoring kids, or advancing my work agenda.

warrior in the mountains.

I'm a man of the wilderness, and my epic beard speaks to this fundamental truth. When I'm lazy, my weekends turn into an extra long week night (see above). If I'm not lazy, then I take arms against mediocrity and climb mountains like a boss. Mountains are fantastic. I have found that only after spending a day enduring pure physical torture that I can find peace from the insanity of my mind.